The Tools That You Need For Gardening

While you really don’t need many tools for container gardening, there are some things that come in really handy. They range from free (I use a lot of large yogurt containers to scoop soil) to pretty pricey, but I put together this list from things I’ve discovered that are worth the money.

There are tons of tools out there that are frankly ridiculous, unnecessary and even environmentally irresponsible.

About six years ago I bought a roll of plastic window screening to re-do some sliding screen doors. I used some of it for its intended purpose and then had yards left over. It has become one of my favorite tools for container gardening. The main thing I use it for is to cover large drainage holes in the bottom of pots. It works really well, letting the water out and keeping the soil in. I have also used it to line baskets, hanging planters  and containers where the holes in the sides are so big that they need to be covered.

The stuff lasts forever and a little goes a long way. Just make sure you buy plastic, not metal screening.

I have a fleet of little red wagons that I’ve collected from yard sales and a few that I even held on to since my kids were little. I use these for all kinds of hauling, including my annual plant drag, where I harden off seedlings and acclimate houseplants by dragging them in and out of my garage. You can buy them new, but I prefer those that have been shown love and are a bit worn and “distressed.”

That said, I do love a fancier version (a real garden cart) that I was given as a gift. It has big wheels that make it stable and easy to pull, however, the best part of it is that the sides fold down, making it easy to transport large containers and odd shaped items.

I’m not sure if this is the exact one I got (my friend delivered it already assembled–how awesome is that!), but it looks similar:

I am ridiculously fond of my Nutscene twine.  Being a totally distractible, and somewhat absent minded (my family is in hysterics at the modifier, ‘somewhat’), I find that any tool I can nail down is a good thing because it is then harder to lose (notice I didn’t say impossible because my powers to misplace are pretty formidable). I actually nail the can to the wall.

This twine is green, so it blends in, tough and long lasting.

I use it for almost everything you can think of–tying plants, fixing tools and containers–you name it.